PETS-DC's 9th Annual "Pride of Pets" Fun Dog Show

Saturday, June 22, 2002 at Dupont Circle from 3:00-6:00 pm.
Check-in begins at 2:00 pm.
Advance registration requested.
To register, print the form here or call (202) 234-PETS

Support for this show provided by the Humane Society of the United States, and the Lesbian and Gay Veterinary Medical Association.

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Click here for the
Fun Dog Show registration form.

Enter the Pride of Your Life in These Fun Categories:

Best Tail Wagging Terrific Pet Tricks
Most Butch Best Celebrity Look-Alike
Best Mirror Image (dog/handler look-alikes) Best Pairs
Most Obedient Most Glamorous
Least Obedient Best Vocal Performance
Most Original Costume Most Adorable
Most Mysterious Heritage People's Choice (first place winners of other categories)

Blue Ribbon Club, unlimited entry for $25, or $6 per category. 
Additional donations are greatly appreciated!

Description of Categories:

1.  Best Tail Wagging - Dog (not the handler) will be judged on the exuberance of their tail motion.

2.  Most Butch - Dog will be judged on their attitude and "butch" demeanor and/or complementing leather outfit.

3.  Best Mirror Image - A class to judge which handler looks most like their canine companion.

4.  Most Obedient - A chance to show off how well your dog listens to your commands.

5.  Most Original Costume - A class to judge the dog and / or handler on their entertaining attire. Please note that any costume which restricts the dog's normal range of motion, causes discomfort, or creates a hazard will not be allowed.

6.  Least Obedient - If you didn't win a trophy in class number 4, here's your chance.

7.  Most Mysterious Heritage - A class for those lovable pets whose features cross all lines of breed characteristics (you won't find this class at Westminster).

8.  Terrific Pet Tricks - It doesn't even have to be outrageous. Show off your dog's talent - at anything.

9.  Best Celebrity Look-Alike - If your dog looks like Eddie from TV's 'Frasier,' or even a human star (Cher, Madonna, Al Gore, maybe?), this can be your stage. Don't be surprised if someone wants an autograph.

10.  Best Pairs - Double your pleasure, double your fun with a pair of dogs being shown together. The pair will be judged on how much they look alike and on how well they work together. (A single entry fee per pair.)

11.  Most Glamorous - Paris, Milan, New York, Dupont Circle. This category is for canines with class and a little bit of attitude. Watch out for the paparazzi! (This class historically attracts a large number of entries and may be divided and judged as two separate classes).

12.  Best Vocal Performance - Move over Barbra, get out of the way Celine, this class features canine crooners with the most unforgettable vocal talents.

13.  Most Adorable (ya' jus' gotta luv' me) - They may not be glamorous but they are loving, sweet, and really glad to greet their owners at the door. (This class historically attracts a large number of entries and may be divided and judged as two separate classes).

14.  People's Choice Award - All the 1st place winners from the previous classes are invited back to be judged by the crowd as the best of show (no entry fee required).

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